Author-ity for Entrepreneurs and Leaders ~ Create more impact with a book.
Are you an Entrepreneur or Leader considering writing your own book?
Do you want to create more impact and reach a wider audience?
Or are you looking to leave a legacy?
Then why not come along to our Fika sessions...
Fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and a part of Swedish culture. It translates as “a coffee and a cake break” but it is in fact more than that. It’s about spending time with others, an opportunity for creativity and a chance to pause from your busy day-to-day.
Refresh your brain, build relationships and discuss the hows and whys of writing your book.


Each Wednesday, I host a virtual Author-ity Fika at 12pm. Your chance to come along for motivation or a break, to hear from others, share your ideas, or just connect with like-minded people.


Whether you’ve published a book, part-way through writing or are not even sure whether you have an idea for a book you are more than welcome to come along.